Thursday, September 27, 2012

Random Thursday

I've been sitting here trying to think up some kind of unifying theme for my random bits so I could title the post something other than Random Thursday, but I'm coming up blank. But that kind of  goes against the grain of "random", doesn't it? So here you go...

Last week during my giveaway, I asked what y'all ordered when you went to a coffee shop. Several people mentioned chai or chai lattes (is there a difference? I'm clueless...) so today I picked these up. I just brewed one after getting the kids down for a nap, hoping for a fun little hot drink break before I attempt to sew. Can I just say that my cup now smells like this weird kind of fake-cinnamon-goo air freshener that my grandma used to have back in the '80s? I'm not even sure I can get past that smell to take a drink. I'm sincerely hoping every other type of chai doesn't smell like this or I'm going to seriously question your taste. 

Look how good my herbs are doing! Ok, the lavender is a little crispy, but that oregano in the bottom pot looks like it could conquer the world. And I even remembered to use some of the rosemary last night when I was making supper. I don't think I have ever kept plants in containers alive this long. The mint that is in that wash bin has pretty much choked out the petunias though. 

In other news...
Anyone know what that blob is on my ceiling? Apparently a few nights ago my older boys figured out that they could get cotton balls wet and soapy in the shower and throw them against walls and they would stick. Only this one made it to the ceiling and they couldn't get it down to throw away the evidence. I had no idea cotton balls were capable of this. And yes, it is still there. 

Now I'll leave you with a cute pictures of Max who will surely never do anything like that.
This boy loves his tractors

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  1. Aww that is a cute picture of Max. I seem to remember people doing that with wet tissues at school - and always at the ceiling!

  2. Max is adorable! The herbs look great and I remember the wet tissues from school too!!

  3. I'm sorry about the yucky chai! Real Indian chai is black tea mixed with other spices (like cinnamon, cardamon, and peppercorns). It's always drunk with lots of milk and sweetened (as most tea in India is). The latte part just means that the milk has been frothed. There are recipes all over for making your own spice mixture if you would like to try something more authentic or if you have access to Tazo or Oregon Chai liquid mixes those aren't too bad. I have seen the Tazo at Target in the grocery section.

  4. Bwahaha, brings back memories of the school loos too!

    I want your oregano btw, I love it fresh!

  5. What a cutie behind the big tractor wheel. Yep, I remember those wads on the bathroom ceilings at school. Kids will be kids!

  6. Boys! Good luck with the extraction of the cotton ball. Ok, you cannot judge chai by the k-cup experience! You will be doing yourself a great disservice if you do not make your own or try the Oregon Chai already mentioned. And I'm not even one of the people who originally suggested the chai...

  7. Sweet random post. I love the herbs and the cotton ball on the ceiling. Oh boys! ;-)

  8. Lovely randomness Toni! Max is adorable of course and don't discount chai - probably better to buy just chai tea bags and make it in to a latte...I don't drink them with milk but just black - tastes like hot cross buns!

  9. Of course Max will never do anything like that!

    My nephew is going to turn 3 in December...for a long time now he has been saying when he grows up he is going to have a farm and a tractor and cows...and I forget what else.

  10. No "theme" necessary--just glorious randomness. Okay, I haven't tried the chai. Now I'm not sure if I want to...Your herbs look beautiful. I really like that picture. Boys...hmm, not sure what to say. And undoubtedly Max will not be ornery at all. Ha!

  11. Boys liked that activity in the classroom when they thought I wasn't looking too!

    Your herbs look great, mint does have a tendency to take over!

    I haven't tried Chai Latte and you haven't inspired me! ;-)