Thursday, September 13, 2012

Random Thursday

I love random posts. 
I'm always coming up with little snippets that I want to tell you guys about but that don't justify a whole post of their own. More often than not I forget these little tidbits before I ever get the chance to post them, but after seeing the Really Random Thursday link-up at Live a Colorful Life I decided to put more of an effort into remembering to post some of them today. 

This girl is 5 weeks old now. I always have good intentions of taking pictures of my babies each month, but so far that hasn't happened. I think I made it 3 months with Max. So here is Jill, looking so happy to be having her picture taken. My mom makes each of her grandkids a Raggedy Ann/Andy doll when they are born, so I threw it in there next to Jill for scale. She wanted no part of it apparently. 

I have not had my hair cut in 6 months and it is starting to look really bad. Of course, if I actually took the time to dry it and style it a little after I got out of the shower it might look a little better. But Tuesday I'm going to see my talented sister-in-law who does that kind of thing for a living. I'm thinking of this cut...

Though it would probably help if I were as cute as Jennie Garth. Or maybe a cut like Kati's...

I'm almost done with my latest quilt. Jill actually stayed asleep for a bit today in her bouncy seat while I finished the binding. Now all I have to do is bury a few threads and I can get it ready to send to its new home. 

Does anyone here watch Duck Dynasty? I had heard a few random friends talk about this show and the other day I noticed Roger had it set to record on the DVR so I watched one. Then another and another. Some people are sophisticated and watch shows like Downton Abbey, apparently I'm embracing my redneck side and enjoying Duck Dynasty. I do however refuse to take part in the trainwreck that is Honey BooBoo...

I also updated yesterday's post with a list of some of the tutorials I used. I generally didn't follow them exactly, but they are good for inspiration. 


  1. At first I couldn't tell if Jill was really happy or really sad in that picture! Upon closer inspection though, I see that she's not so impressed. :) Love the haircut - I have one similar to Kati's and really need to get it cut again. Jennie Garth's is awesome too - a bit shorter I think? I love having shorter hair but I'm so bad at keeping it up. I'm too lazy and cheap to get my hair cut every couple of months!!

  2. hahaha duck dynasty! My sisters friend is nationally ranked for duck calling so we all watch, its like a train wreck, cant look away!

  3. Aw poor baby girl - so cute but so no interested in pictures!

    Oh yes on Duck Dynasty!! We don't have cable but my husband's cousin/family does and they DVR them all and then we sit around on Friday nights and watch them and drink beers. You should check out the Cajun Justice show too - it's amazing :)

  4. Poor Jill - she isn't happy at all -- but I don't think it's got anything to do with that nice looking doll!

    I loved Downton Abbey but I've never heard of Duck Dynasty.

    You random post was a fun read.

  5. Ooooh, that's a very unhappy camper there lol I have a Raggedy Ann and Andy that my mum made me when we lived in the states (when I was 2) but I don't ever remember them illiciting that sort of reaction ;o)

  6. The baby pic makes me laugh! Sorry, Jill!
    Your quilt looks awesome. Good luck with the haircut!
    Haven't seen Duck Dynasty! I'm glad you're avoiding Honey Boo Boo. Shudder.

  7. We live Duck Dynasty in our house. It makes me laugh out loud.

  8. What a great Raggedy Ann that your mom made! Okay, you have to promise to post a pic of your new Jennie-hair. :) I join you in the boycott of Honey Boo Boo. :/ Ick. Haven't watched Duck Dynasty.. might have to check that one out. xo

  9. What did Raggedy Ann say to Jill to make her so upset?? Poor baby! Go for the haircut! I've had short hair for so many years I can't imagine trying to deal with long hair again! Afraid I'm on the Downton not Ducks team!

  10. My kids hate their handmade "Raggedy" dolls. Even if grandma made them, they are still scary. Great photo. In a few years it will crack you up over and over again. (and then you'll feel guilty for laughing)

  11. I'm SO glad you linked to Really Random. This is a great post. Cute haircut inspiration. Love Downton Abbey. And the quilt Jill is on.

  12. We love both Downton and Duck Dynasty, so I'm not sure what that says about me...I got my haircut this past Tuesday and I LOVE it!! I got probably 4-5 inches cut off and I feel so light and breezy now! Plus the highlights help with that more brown roots! haha

    p.s. That pic of Jill is cracking me up. We have a TON of Em like that, but I say such is life. She cried a lot, we have a lot of pictures of her crying! ;)