Monday, October 31, 2011

What Do Skunks Like to Eat??

Fruit Roll-Ups!!

Ok, so he really didn't get to eat it, but he sure looked cute trying!

Happy Halloween from two handy-guys and a skunk!!


  1. Ridiculously adorable! I'll post Tinkerbell and the Lion tomorrow. I think the girls felt like they were in Disneyworld because of the trick or treating. I love the Skunks Mohawk/stripe!

  2. they are adorable! Brought me back to when my 27 year old wore osh-kosh overalls. He could never keep both suspenders snapped closed!

  3. A skunk?? Oh you crazy Americans and your halloween costumes. :P

  4. Oh the cuteness! Love the 2 handymen. Do you always sew their costumes?