Saturday, October 29, 2011

Winter Stitching

I love making lists. I never used to make them, but since having kids I have noticed a distinct lack of short-term memory, so lists are essential now. And it feels so satisfying to make a big line through my tasks when I've accomplished something!

I wasn't around here at the beginning of summer to participate in Sarah's Summer Stitching, but I think it is a fabulous idea. Here is my Winter Stitching list, totally devoid of pictures:

1. Pay-It-Forward gifts...I have three lovely ladies to stitch for and I can't wait to get started on these. It is just a little intimidating to sew for other people, especially super-talented ones who are fabulous stitchers themselves. I have no idea what to make, so I'm open to suggestions!

2. Quillows for the boys using Nova's tutorial...I want to make one for each of the boys, or at least the older two for now. Nearly every day, Carson sees me sewing something and asks if it is his blanket and proceeds to tell me what color blanket he wants. I made the quilt that is on his bed (Ok, part of it...) but I guess he needs another. And it is getting really hard to keep telling him no, so I think he'll be getting one pretty soon.

3. Quilt for Baby M....Some friends of ours are expecting their second baby, due on Christmas Day. Of course this little guy will need a quilt, I just need to plan a little.

4. Christmas stockings...My kids have never had stockings (bad mom!) so I'm determined to get them made this year. I started on some last year, but was 9 months pregnant and quickly lost interest once Max was born.

5. Quilt for Baby G....Another couple that we are friends with are expecting their second child as well. I think she is due in February, but they aren't finding out the gender, so I may wait. Or not, and take up the challenge of the gender neutral quilt.

6. Hometown Quilt... no idea about a pattern, but I think I will use it to make a quilt for my sister-in-law. They are doing a massive remodeling job on their house and from the descriptions of it that I've heard from her, I think Hometown would go really well in their new living room. The quilt may not get done by Christmas, but it can still be a house re-warming gift I guess.

7. My parents' quilt...Not sure about this one yet, either. Their 40th wedding anniversary is in June, so that deserves a quilt, don't you think? Possibly Swoon....

8. Sewing Machine Cover...Pretty self-explanatory, really. I never remember to put the hard cover over it so my machine keeps getting dusty and sad, but I think if I had a pretty quilted one I just might take better care of it.

Hmmm, I keep adding more and more to this list so I better go on and hit "Publish" before this thing gets out of hand! 


  1. Amen to the joy of crossing things off. (I always think of The Quiet Man movie and it makes me grin.)

    Nice list you have going.

  2. Fabulous list Toni but more importantly you have just reminded me about the PIF and I need to do a post. Yikes. Good luck with the list and you`ll do some amazing things!

  3. wow, what a list! Inspiring! ;-)

  4. Fabulous list and it's certainly going to keep you busy this winter!

  5. That looks like a great list, and a far more sensible size than mine lol I keep thinking of additions to mine too o.O

  6. Sweet list! Swoon for your parents sounds great!

  7. What a diverse list - something for every sewing mood!

  8. Sewing machine covers seem to be a trend, including me.. Maybe a post-holiday swap should be in order?? Would you have any interest?

  9. This sounds likes a doable list. If I were to make one, I would probably not get to any of it because it seems like new things are added all the time. I'm looking forward to seeing your progress on these!

  10. Such great projects Toni - hope you can make a dent in your list!!