Wednesday, September 21, 2011

WIP Wednesday, vol. 6

Well, after that exciting morning yesterday, I actually got a little sewing accomplished.

My Across the Sea quilt is backed and basted! 

I cheated and just used a solid backing instead of making the pieced back like we are supposed to. I love the design of the quilt back as it is meant to be in the QAL, but well, I just have a lot of things going right now and something had to give. I happened to have a rainbow pinstriped flat sheet that goes really well with the front, so that is what I'm using. 

Are my kids the only ones who refuse to have the top sheet on their beds? I think it is a little weird, but it doesn't bother me too much since it means I'll have extra flat sheets to play with.

I am SO ready to get some free time to get started on quilting this baby. I just need to hatch a plan on what the quilting will be...

Since I was so successful in getting the basting done, I decided to go ahead and finish my Kaleidoscope 
blocks. I had 25 out of 30 finished, another couple half-blocks and some quarter blocks to put together.

Everything went together really well last night, and I was feeling good about things, so I started trimming  the blocks.  Then I realized that some of them were not so square, but I'm not turning back now. I just finished trimming them and hope to get the top finished this evening.

Finished Projects:
      Partner 1 and Partner 2 of the Goodie Swap are complete,  just waiting on shipping dates
      Mom's birthday present is done, ready to be mailed

In Progress:
     Across the Sea
     Dead Simple QAL...palette chosen and (I think) design finalized. Still need to get a couple fabrics 
                                      and plan the back.

We officially started harvesting yesterday, so my sewing time might take a hit for a while. But I love being out there this time of year, so I guess it's OK...




  1. That Heirloom fabric is so gorgeous, I need to hatch a plan to get some! I'm interested to see how your going to quilt the Across the Sea one - I love that rainbow border!

  2. Your Across the Sea looks wonderful, even if you are a 'cheater'!
    Harvest-time sounds brilliant x

  3. I love the border on Across the Sea! Excellent choice. And your kaleidoscope blocks are looking great too.

    P.S. I can't stand sleeping with a top sheet, so I'm going to say your kids aren't weird! :)

  4. I really have to reconsider my opinion about the Across the Sea pattern. At first I didn't like it but now I see these wonderful versions everywhere! The bright colors and the rainbow border you chose make me really like it!

  5. Your Across the Sea quilt is gorgeous as are your kaleidoscope blocks. Are you going to do the Duo QAL with Rhonda and can search for the flikr group. Go on - it will be fun!

  6. Oh that looks fab. I'm thinking about the back, but I think I'll probably cave and piece it like we're meant to.

  7. You can make any quilt any way you want - it's your work and not meant to be a copy of the original (unless you want it to be!)

  8. Whoa whoa whoa you totally are killing me. I am about to go to the studio and finish the ___ back to my QAL. I am so tempted to just do it plain too Toni! But no, I am going to carry on, I've already spent too much time cutting the pieces out. Shaking fist! Oh, and in case I haven't said it already, I really love the color palette on your Across the Sea Quilt, so happy!

  9. oh your Across the Sea is lovely! Kinda wishing I had squeezed that one in! Anyway, it's looking great! Also, love your kaleidoscope quilt blocks. I had some trimming issues too, but it all looked great in the end. Yours are lovely!

  10. Love how you're using Heirloom in your kaleidoscope! and your crosses quilt is going to be lovely. I am using last week's WIP list to go through and see how everyone is doing this week.

  11. First off--my daughter HATES a top sheet too and refuses to use one. My son doesn't feel quite as strongly, but he'd just as rather not use one.
    Now..your Across the Sea Quilt is so lovely!! And I don't blame you one bit for using a solid back. When it matches that well and it saves you time...done! And I can't wait to see that Kaleidoscope quilt done. It's going to be stunning!
    P.S. Very funny about the plane flying so low. My son would have been in heaven. Last week or so I heard this LOUD noise outside so I knew something was going on up at the road. Chris drove up there to check it out and they were picking peanuts across the road. So he got the kids so they could see it. 3 (little compared to what you're used to I'm sure) combines, 2 tractors and hoppers out in the field all working together to get them harvested. It's great to live in a rural, farming community, huh?

  12. I really like the rainbow colors in the border! :)

  13. Across the Sea quilt looks great! And am so jealous that you are b&b'd. That is what I am doing this weekend...(dreading it)
    I certainly have found that the past 4 weeks I have not got anything done that was on my list. I have so many projects to get through. Looking forward to seeing who has who for the swap too.

  14. I'm super in love with that Across the Sea quilt. It makes me want to make one of my own!

  15. I want to make a "plus" style quilt some day. Yours is lovely!