Saturday, September 3, 2011

So, I'm on vacation with my family and hadn't really planned on blogging while away, but I'm stuck in our room with a napping baby so here are some random thoughts....

  • Wisconsin is freaking amazing. Seriously. I have a tendency to choose some less-popular places to vacation but have never been disappointed. This is no exception. Definitely feeling the love for the Badger State. In summer anyway, probably not so much in the cold, cold winter.
  • It seems that our favorite thing to do on vacation is eat. Really, it's one of my favorite things to do at home, too, but more fun here since I'm not doing the cooking. Do calories consumed while on vacation count?
  • I have found a few quilt shops to browse. Sadly, none have been very modern. They seem to really like their batiks up here. Which are lovely in there own right, just not really for me. I did go to the best one so far this morning. It was in Sturgeon Bay, but I can't think of the name right now. I'll let you know when I'm not trapped under a sleeping baby.
Whenever I find a new fabric shop, I always get this excited little feeling before I go in, thinking what if this is the place? You know, what if this is the place that has that whole line of hard-to-find fabrics just sitting in the back on a dusty shelf because nobody realizes what a gold mine they have? I have yet to find this store, of course, but I did get a bit excited this morning when my little eye spied a bolt of Katie Jump Rope in the corner. Of course it wasn't one of the prints that I really love, but I got a few FQs anyway, mostly thinking of a future giveaway. My question is this... If it were you in this situation and found a few yards of an out of print fabric, would you buy it even if you weren't in love?


  1. uh, yes - even if for the reason your give - to give away. A great cause in its own right! Sounds like you & I like the same thing on vacation FOOD and quilt shops. Have a fantastic time! If you drive thru Hudson, WI, there is a great little chocolate shop - Knoke's. Yum...and close enough for a nice walk to the St. Crois river.....Enjoy!

  2. Eating and quilt shops sounds like a great vacation to me!!
    And buying the fabric - definitely Yes!!

  3. Sounds like he perfect vacation! And I agree...I'd totally buy it!

  4. Eating and fabric shopping...sounds perfect! I absolutely agree with everyone else, if you find KJR you buy it! No question!

  5. YES YES YES! Are you kidding...I am a sucker for the I know this is a deal kind of deal! In fact, hahahaaa, I just bought some KJR myself for the same reason. It is sitting amongst my usual whimsical fabric choices looking very pert indeed.

    I've always said that I wanted to travel around the US and go to some *random* places. I mean, what is wrong with that? My family is in Colorado so I suppose I have a different perspective than many of my East Coast cohorts. So glad you are giving Wisconsin a thumbs up - the Mr. would never go there (East Coast Snob) but maybe when my girls get older we can do a road trip...who needs the Mr.'s approval when you have Two Daughters right? Hahhahhahaa...oh the plans I have in my head...

    Give the baby a big squish from me Toni! My baby will be one this month...agh...!

  6. Oh yes I know all about the napping baby thing. No I don't buy the fabric if I don't love it. But then you said you were thinking of a giveaway and it's easier to give away if you don't love it! :-)