Friday, August 5, 2011

Odd bits

Has this week gone by fast for anyone else?

I have heard the saying a few times regarding life with young children that "the days drag on but the years fly by" or something like that. Incredibly true. By 4:00 every day I am exhausted but yet I am amazed when Friday rolls around, much less that it is already August. 

Despite the race of time, I was able to get the back of that psychedelic strip quilt done. 
Much more subdued than the front!

I was going to just make one large log cabin style block but I am glad I did these instead.
I really liked making these blocks and will definitely make another quilt with these in the future.

Speaking of the future, what do you think about this stack of fabric?
I am thinking about using them to make the Kaleidoscope quilt from Don't Call Me Betsy. Nothing like joining a quilt-along the day after it's officially over, right? I really like this pattern and have loved so many of the quilts I have seen being made, so I might as well give it a shot.

Ok, enough of the quilt business. Let's get down to the real reason you're here. You want a pickle update, don't you? I know you have just been on the edge of your seats. Well here you go:

It's looking a little murky in there...
They are supposed to sit out for two weeks. This is only day 4. I was actually surprised that they don't really smell. I mean, if you get really close you can obviously smell the dill, but I was kind of expecting more of an odor. Not that I'm complaining...

I went out to the garden last night to pick some more cucumbers and decided that I better check the melons. I hadn't even gotten over to them before I smelled that unmistakable scent. 

Looks like I need to research creative uses for cantaloupe. 

And of course, you can't work in the garden without a libation. 
The Pride of Chippewa Falls, people. Because five generations can't be wrong...


  1. I agree. The weeks are just rolling by too fast at the moment. While I have no strong opinions on picles ;) I really like your fabric bundle and I love the Kaleidoscope as well. Great combo of pattern and fabric.

  2. Nice selection of fabrics. Good luck with QAL. The beer looks nice too. I love blackberries and am picking them at the moment at the bottom of our back garden where we overlook farmland.

  3. It is like watching one of the instant replay tapes in slow motion around here. Days seem to drag, and then are done before we even get started. Has taught me to slow myself down and appreciate the moments.

  4. For me it's always like this: one moment it's monday and the next thing I know it's friday. Luckily the weekends never seem to pass that fast. Joining something when it's over sounds like somthing I would do ;-) Yesterday I thought "the Summer Sampler Series QA sounds good" and today was the last day ;-)
    BTW I must be the worst German since I only like flavoured beer (Girls' beer as I call it)

  5. That pile of fabrics is gorgeous. And I see nothing wrong with joining a QAL after it's finished - it's not over for you yet! (Besides the only QAL I've joined was long over!! LOL)