Thursday, August 4, 2011

Best Thing I've Made All Summer

Seriously. The best thing
Looks kind of unassuming right. Good job, Toni, you stuck some pipes together. Woohoo.
You guys, my kids have had so much fun in this thing! 

I'm really not sure where I first saw the idea of a PVC sprinkler, probably Pinterest, but I just did a google search one day for it and used this tutorial. I adapted it slightly because I could not find the mister-jet insert thingies that were used, even though the guy says he got his from Lowe's. I went to two Lowe's and a Rural King and everybody looked at me like I was nuts when I asked about them. So I just drilled holes into the pipe at random angles with the smallest drill bit we had.

I did not tell them it was supposed to be a car/bike wash when we made it. First they just ran through it like a regular sprinkler, then a day or two later they brought out their bikes, pedal tractors and every other outside toy they could find to run through the carwash. 

Always important to stay hydrated.
While I don't generally encourage the consumption of water via PVC pipe, it is fun to watch.


  1. There is nothing that isn't improved by machinery. If you're a boy, that is, grown-up or otherwise.

  2. Hi Toni, I would have loved that sprinkler when I was little. I found your blog over at Lily's Quilts. I love your green square baby quilt (I've been sneaking around that Heather Baileys fabric for a while now) and your stripes quilt. I cant wait to read more from you. Hope you come over for a visit at my blog, too.

  3. Totally brilliant invention.

  4. That's FABULOUS!! The fun I could have had growing up with one of these!!