Tuesday, August 9, 2011

It's funny how things are connected...

I was just browsing around a little on Pinterest, checking some things out, when I started thinking about vacations. See, my husband gets a little break from work in a couple weeks and wants to take a trip. I have no idea where we will go, probably stick with the Midwest, but just for fun I browsed around Pinterest's Travel section and came upon a picture of Montana.

Oh, how I love Montana! Have you ever been there? We went for our honeymoon, and I think it was the perfect time of year. Early September, so warm during the day but chilly at night. Loved it.
Look at these pictures:
Source: Sunset via Toni Lovelady on Pinterest

Source: Beautiful Places via Toni Lovelady on Pinterest

Source: Flickr via Toni Lovelady on Pinterest

Source: Flickr  via Toni Lovelady on Pinterest
Isn't it dreamy? I can't wait until we can go back. 

So anyway, this wasn't meant to be a post on my love for Montana. Not completely anyway.

Another fun thing I saw while searching for "Montana" was this cool quilt:
"Montana Cartwheel"
Source: Wee Bee Quilting via Toni Lovelady on Pinterest

But, what I was really excited about was this beautiful fabric:
Source:  Spoonflower via Toni Lovelady on Pinterest

I thought it looked a little familiar, so I looked at her other fabrics on Spoonflower, and I realized who the designer was. (Then, I read it in the sidebar... but still! ) "Chamomile" on Spoonflower is Katie Daisy of the wheatfield on Etsy. Have you seen the beautiful prints she makes?
 Source: Etsy

I have two of them at my house, just waiting to be framed and put on my wall. And I want 80 more! Seriously love her style.

So, yeah... Montana. Was that the most rambling post ever?

Back to the original topic...anyone have a good vacation destination?


  1. That "Montana Cartwheel" quilt is amazing! Thanks for sharing it with us.

  2. My favorite vacation destination is Marro Bay California. It is a quiet sea side town, not too touristy, not too isolated, and the temperatures there are consistently in the 60's. (I have it as a preset on my smart phone's weather app just so I can day dream the heat wave away. We're up to something like 39 days in a row over 100) they even have a quilt shop there!

  3. Cindy, I think I have been there! Is there a huge rock just a little ways out in the water? It sounds familiar. We went to California on vacation when I was in high school and traveled a little along the coast. So beautiful out there! That would be a great place to go back to when we have more time.

    I can see why you would want to dream about the 60's! I have not enjoyed our last couple weeks in the 90s, but thankfully it is back to mid 80s here now. Don't even want to think about a month over 100. Yikes!

  4. What about Germany? So many nice places to explore and we have mountains and sea...

  5. Those photos of Montana look surreal. I am going to Grand Tetons and Yellowstone in the fall. Can't wait! I love the Montana Cartwheel. I am off to check it our. By the way the star quilt (over the bed) was made on the Rosebud Reservation back in 1984, I bought it for my son and brought him home in it. I plan to post that story one of these days.