Thursday, July 21, 2011

What's it Gonna Be?

That's the second question in my head every time I considered starting a blog, right after, "Who would want to read about your life??" The answer to the first question is easy. Probably not too many. The second question, well, let's just roll with it, shall we. Some days there is more sewing, others more cooking or gardening. Yet on other days there is nothing more exciting going on here than mere survival. Sometimes that is just how is goes with three little boys.

Want to meet them? Sure you do. They're cute.

 This is Wyatt. My first born. Right now if you ask, he will tell you that he is four, but that he has to be 5 before he can go to "real" school, and that he has to be 21 before he can go into the beer store. He will probably also throw in that Carson is 2, Max is 7 months and that Daddy is 29. As you can see he is all about numbers right now.  He is a very caring and generous little man. Always drawing "decorations" for our friends and gladly giving anything he has to anyone else. Except sometimes his little brother.

This is Carson, my middle child. Not sure exactly what the middle child is supposed to be like, but Carson is very stubborn, snuggley, and independent. He always wants to do things for himself and isn't afraid to have a bit of a fit if you try to do something for him. He has huge blue eyes and a crazy double cowlick on the back of his head that make his hair go crazy. He is a little imp and it is impossible to stay mad at him for more than two seconds.

And here we have Max. Whenever you have a baby, everyone asks, "Is he a good baby?" Well of course he is, he is a baby. They are nothing but cuddles and cuteness. Max is crawling everywhere and has started pulling up on everything for the last week or two. Yesterday I caught him push a chair across the floor a bit and take a couple steps. I really kind of want to push him down and make him stop.

So those are my boys. I'm not sure if I have a picture of Rog on my computer right now, but he is awfully cute, too. He works full-time as a gas tech for a large energy company and we farm around 950 acres, so he is always busy. One of the hardest working people I have ever met.

Well that was exciting, wasn't it? Really, my main ambition for this blog is to document our life a little more. I am awful about never taking pictures of my kids or anything that I make so I am hoping to get a little better about that. Sometimes it is a little disheartening to have someone ask what I do all day and not have a good answer ready. Some days I feel like I have not gotten anything accomplished. A lot of times I am OK with that, because I know that I have fed and taken care of the kids, probably did some laundry, and maybe made supper. But other times it gets me down a little because it takes so long to get a project done around here with my "helpers" needing something every ten minutes. So hopefully this will help me be able to look back and see that, hey, I did make the kids some pants, clean the bathrooms, or can some jam. We'll see. This may be the only thing that ever gets written here. At least you have some cute pictures of the kids to admire!

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  1. Why, yes. They ARE cute. Thank you for sharing them.

    The "What do you do all day?" question is so infuriating. As if sitting in a cubicle staring at a computer makes you so much busier than a person keeping three small people alive day after day? No. I've done the cubicle and I've done the stay-at-home, and staying at home is WAY harder and more tiring.