Friday, January 10, 2014

Recent Makes

Hey there! Happy New Year! Only what, about 10 days late? 
With all the snow and freezing temps here lately our Christmas Break was extended by an extra week. I've actually really enjoyed it, but it is definitely time to get back on some kind of schedule. 

Since we've really only left the house twice in the last week I've been able to get my January Bee blocks done...and even mailed! I'm usually pretty good about getting them done quickly, but always seem to wait too long on the mailing part. 

In That Stash Bee, Nicole asked us to make Kaleidoscope blocks in her favorite color scheme of oranges, pinks, and a touch of red. Isn't she going to have an awesome quilt? The tutorial can be found at Quilter's Cache and is an easy paper-pieced pattern. 

January, Bee Purposeful

We had an easy block this month in Bee{Purposeful} making a yellow and grey Not Quite Sawtooth Star using Corey's tutorial. Her mom is actually the quilter this month and has a fun medallion-style quilt in mind.

January is my month in Always Bee Learning. My goal this year is to have Christmas quilts on all the kids' beds by December 1st, so I've asked my ladies to make Spiderweb blocks using this tutorial by Heather of A la Mode. I was actually surprised at how much I enjoyed making these blocks. Can't say that I enjoyed cutting the strips to send to everyone, but I'll definitely appreciate their help! 

I also agreed to take January in our do.Good Stitches circle. I always have so many ideas but then when it rolls around to my month as quilter none of them seem quite right. Anyway, I chose this beautiful "Color Taste" palette from Design-Seeds as inspiration and asked everyone to make one 21" Square-in-Square block. 

I'm not really even sure what the next step is with these blocks. I've always wanted to make a Bento Box style quilt so I may take that route, or a quartered Log Cabin, or maybe even something like Erica's Stacked Squares. Who knows?!?


  1. I love all your bee blocks, especially the square in a square set - such wonderful colours!

  2. Great bunch of blocks to start the year off! LOVE the idea of a Christmas quilt on each bed in the house!!

  3. Designs Seeds is such a fun source of inspiration and I LOVE how those colors work in those graphic blocks - well done with that combo :-)

  4. Happy new year! The mailing always gets me too, but love the blocks!

  5. Those Kaleidoscope blocks are so pretty!

  6. Your blocks look great, love the Kaleidoscope ones. Happy new year!

  7. Great blocks! I love the colourful square in square ones.

  8. Good morning. A beautiful bunch of blocks here. What a nice idea to have Christmas quilts for the kids beds.
    Congrats on being featured on SMS

  9. Love the colours for the square blocks! Love design seeds. I probably have enough Christmas quilts for one on each kids bed, but I never do it. We don't really need quilts here in December, although this year we did, and I have a couple who still wet at night.