Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Some WIPs, Some Randomness

I figured that the chances were good that I wouldn't post again tomorrow, so I thought I would combine the two and make a random WIP post. Sound good?

October is my month as quilter for the Imagine Circle of dGS. I always have the hardest time choosing a block for everyone to make! A few weeks ago, I saw Catherine's Brit Bee quilt that she had just finished and knew that I wanted our group to try that one, too.
Pineapple Blossom for dgs
Wow, I did not realize how blurry this pic was...Sorry!
The tutorial can be found at Quiltville, and I asked everyone to use low-volume prints for the triangles and a scrappy assortment of colors inspired by this:

Source: Color Collective

Our circle is also having it's first swap this fall. I'm excited to get to work on my partner's gift, I just have to actually decide on something! We could list three things we wanted to get, and if I remember correctly I listed a mini quilt, pillow, or a bag to hold my crochet. Here's the mosaic I made for inspiration:

Imagine Circle Swap 2013
Here is the list of links for each individual pic.

 The other thing that I have been working on quite a bit lately is a custom quilt. Honestly, I was a little worried at first because the customer wanted a Jersey cow and horse quilt for her little girl. For those of you not so knowledgeable on cattle breeds, the ones that are usually on fabric are Holsteins. Jerseys are hard to find! But eBay came to the rescue with Jersey cows on Kona, and my customer picked out a couple of fun quilts for inspiration. The horses will be on the back. Here's what I've got so far:

 I haven't done too many custom orders, but I really love the challenge of combining the customer's vision with my own style. This has been a fun one to work on! It needs to be shipped to Australia by Christmas, so I'm trying to get it done as soon as possible. 

The other things keeping me busy aren't quite as exciting...All the kids and I have been sick for almost two weeks but I think we're finally on the mend. And somehow I've gotten suckered in to being the Treasurer for the PTO at Wyatt's school. It's fun getting to spend time at his school and actually be around grown-ups, but October is a very busy month with PTO activities, not to mention that our crops are ready to be harvested! Crazy times for sure! 

So, if anyone has tips on getting babies to take breathing treatments without screaming or shipping boxes to Australia, be sure to let me know! Hope you all are doing well!


  1. Congratulations on getting a custom quilt order! Those cows are so funny! You're doing a great job. :)

    Poor you and your sick babies! I have no advice -- when I try to give mine her liquid vitamins, they mostly dribble out...

  2. Well, I'm no help with the breathing or shipping quandaries. Good luck with both! It seems like the crud has been going around much earlier than usual this year.

    Love the cow quilt! Jerseys on Kona, of course. :)

  3. Oh I am so pleased that my quilt provided inspiration for such a great cause. Its so easy to make. Hope everyone is on the mend now

  4. Sorry to hear y'all have been sick. Love your color palettes-beautiful!

  5. Hope you are all feeling better Toni! Lovely projects on the go :)

  6. yikes. Sounds a little hectic. Good luck on the cow quilt - hope it comes together easily!

  7. The quilt sounds like the funniest thing ever, but you have done a great job!
    Hope all get well soon - I have come out with a sympathy chest infection xxx

  8. Well getting babies to ship anything to Australia is always a challenge... ;o) Hope everyone's feeling better now!

  9. The jersey quilt looks great. I'm surprised you found any jersey fabric honestly. And it looks so great paired with those fun and bright colors. What are you doing for the back?

    Hope you and the kiddos get to feeling better. There's no time in your busy schedule for sickness! haha