Friday, August 2, 2013

Handmade Confessions

This morning you can find me over at my friend Palak's blog, Make it Handmade.

I'm today's guest on her fun series, Handmade Confessions, so if you've got a minute hop on over and find out what my deep, dark secret is!

Hopefully I'll be back later today to show you one of those baby quilts I just finished. Happy Friday!!


  1. Hey! Did your husband's friend do you a huuuuuge favor, and that's why you said you'd hem his pants? Otherwise, just because you sew doesn't mean you're obligated to sew for other people -- especially things that aren't fun! I don't hem my own husband's stuff. Hmph! I'm offended on your behalf. ;D

  2. Totally with Alli on the pants hemming thing! BTW, from the comments on my blog, it looks like consensus is that you are a genius-- not lazy! Thanks for guest posting!

  3. Yes! I am also lazy, but at least you often have progress to show off. I have empty space and crickets chirping... Love your tip!!

  4. That is exactly the way I attach my binding -- and it is the way I was taught by a teacher who has been quilting for more than thirty years! Only I must be "lazier", once I get started I don't use any pins! ;-) I also don't use pins or clips when hand stitching the binding down!