Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Take That!

Take that, hexagon!!!

This block. 
Oh, this block and I had some words. 

It really doesn't look too tough, does it? Usually when I start a bee block I just keep working on it until it is finished, even if it gets a little annoying. Not this one. 

The block is "Piece of the Garden" from Modern Blocks and is designed by Natalia Bonner. Laural chose this block and asked that we make it anywhere from 75% up to 125% of the original size. Fair enough. 

Last week I started it. Scanned the book, printed and cut templates, cut fabric and started piecing. I sewed way too many pieces together before stopping to make sure it was going to be big enough. Of course it wasn't, so after ripping and re-joining with a more "scant" seam, it was still too small. And I mean, too small to just fudge a little and hope she doesn't mind. I checked my templates, and they looked exactly the same size as the book. Frustrated, I shoved it all into the book and threw it on the mantle. I had been in a good mood and wasn't going to let this block ruin my zen.  

Yesterday, I got sick of it taunting me so I ripped it apart. Pressed and trimmed all the templates down to 75%, plus an extra 1/8" all around for my sanity. 

And today, the magic happened. Every seam went together just as it should and after trimming I have a near-perfect 9.5" block. Some days I feel like a winner. 


  1. Oh Toni - that's so funny. I know - it wasn't for you but I loved the zen comment. Now I have Take That songs in my head - could it be magic??

  2. Like a boss, Toni! I'm glad you didn't let the block get the best of you. It does look really good! Time to make another...? :)

  3. Hope you stuck your tongue out at it too! LOL!

  4. Glad you won the battle in the end, it looks great!

  5. Your block looks lovely - really pretty fabrics!

  6. Awesome job Toni! I have a few Craftsy BOM blocks that I might need you to rough up a bit for me so they'll behave. ;)

  7. And doesn't winning feel good?

  8. Oh my goodness Toni! That is precisely why I don't do bee's. I'm glad you conquered that dang block!