Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Winter Stitching Finale

Winter has been officially over for about a month now, so I guess it is about time I finish up my 
Winter Stitching list and link up with Sarah. Honestly, I don't think there has really been much progress on the list since my mid-winter check-in...

1. Pay-It-Forward gifts...I have three lovely ladies to stitch for and I can't wait to get started on these. It is just a little intimidating to sew for other people, especially super-talented ones who are fabulous stitchers themselves. I have no idea what to make, so I'm open to suggestions!  Done, Done, and Done...
241 Totes for Annabella, Sarah, and Jennifer

2. Quillows for the boys using Nova's tutorial...I want to make one for each of the boys, or at least the older two for now. Nearly every day, Carson sees me sewing something and asks if it is his blanket and proceeds to tell me what color blanket he wants. I made the quilt that is on his bed (Ok, part of it...) but I guess he needs another. And it is getting really hard to keep telling him no, so I think he'll be getting one pretty soon. Done and Done! Well, Wyatt's isn't a quillow, but it is finished so I'll call it a win.

Carson's Quillow
Wyatt's Quilt
3. Quilt for Baby M....Some friends of ours are expecting their second baby, due on Christmas Day. Of course this little guy will need a quilt, I just need to plan a little. Done!

4. Christmas stockings...My kids have never had stockings (bad mom!) so I'm determined to get them made this year. I started on some last year, but was 9 months pregnant and quickly lost interest once Max was born. While looking through our decorations, I actually found some really horrible fleece stocking that I forgot I had made a few years ago, so technically they had stockings, though I would still love to make them some less embarrassing ones..

5. Quilt for Baby G....Another couple that we are friends with are expecting their second child as well. I think she is due in February, but they aren't finding out the gender, so I may wait. Or not, and take up the challenge of the gender neutral quilt. Totally didn't happen, though they did have an adorable little boy a few months ago...

6. Hometown Quilt... no idea about a pattern, but I think I will use it to make a quilt for my sister-in-law. They are doing a massive remodeling job on their house and from the descriptions of it that I've heard from her, I think Hometown would go really well in their new living room. The quilt may not get done by Christmas, but it can still be a house re-warming gift I guess. I think I've whined about this quilt enough. Not done, and I would be completely shocked if it were finished by next winter. But here is a picture just in case you want to see what Neglect looks like...

7. My parents' quilt...Not sure about this one yet, either. Their 40th wedding anniversary is in June, so that deserves a quilt, don't you think? Possibly Swoon.... Not likely to happen, unfortunately. I haven't given up all hope, but I'm a realist and I can state pretty confidently that it won't happen. At least not by June. Maybe I should shoot for their 45th....

8. Sewing Machine Cover...Pretty self-explanatory, really. I never remember to put the hard cover over it so my machine keeps getting dusty and sad, but I think if I had a pretty quilted one I just might take better care of it. Didn't do this either. Shocking I know...

But, there were quite a few things that I finished that were not on the list. Swaps and bee blocks took up the majority of my sewing time this winter. 

Bee Blocks...

and swaps.
OK, so according to my list I'm only looking at roughly 50% success rate but overall, I'm calling it a success!

 If you would like to see what some really talented stitchers did over the winter, head over to 
FairyFace Designs for the link-up.


  1. Toni, I haven't had a chance to say congratulations on your baby girl! That is so very exciting! And I LOVE your fabric bundle on your last post. It is all so cute! I give you permission to buy it all. I also give you permission to just kick back and grow that baby :-)

  2. wow - even though you didn't make it thru your list, you DID get alot done! wow. ya done good!

  3. You accomplished way more than you even had on your list! Total success. I love the pics of your boys quilts. :) They turned out gorgeous. So did the baby quilt. Love the trucks. I'm doing my first bee blocks right now, and I chose the same block as your green and black one, Pathways. You had a very productive winter! xo

  4. You made a baby, I think you have the best excuse not to finish the list!

  5. Definitely success!! The photo of neglect did make me chuckle!! The blocks are beautiful :)

  6. I consider any list that has whole quilts in it very successful! Well done :o)

  7. I think you got a lot done! We're always harder on ourselves, I love those quilts you did for your boys!

  8. You did a great job -- three quilts and three bags is fantastic! :)

  9. Lots of lovely makes there. How lucky am I to own two of the finished projects on that list!! They are gorgeous :-))) Thanks for linking up xx

  10. You did an amazing job - stop beating yourself up and give yourself a well deserved pat on the back!