Wednesday, December 28, 2011

WIP Wednesday, vol 17

When you take a little break from posting nearly every day it is kinda hard to get back in the blogging groove, isn't it? I figured a WIP Wednesday post was a good way to jump back in. 

I have been getting a little sewing done over here during the holiday break, but I'm feeling the need to get back to a normal routine and be a little more disciplined. But I guess that happens to everyone this time of year. Onto the WIPs...

Ongoing Projects

Carson's birthday is Saturday so I really need to get this finished. Those are the bottom nine blocks. I'm using Nova's tutorial to make this a "quillow", so you don't construct it exactly like you would a regular quilt top. Looking back, I wish I had used more solids in the quilt as it seems a little busy, but I'm sure Carson won't care. I'll just keep that in mind when I make Wyatt's I guess! He has already started telling me what kind of blanket he wants, and his birthday is February 1st, so I won't get much of a break!

My favorite block.
I spent a long time embroidering Carson's name on the block that is to be the front of the pillow part, only to really hate it once I put on the borders. Then I decided to just applique his name and I like it much better. 

Only now I have to do some kind of quilting on it, and I'm really not sure where to go with that. I started hand quilting some zigzags above and below his name, but it looks awful. Now that I think about it, I may just take it out and quilt some random straight lines parallel to his name...

Also over the break I have been going through my scraps and cutting pieces for the Japanese block swap. On Christmas day I decided to let myself sew whatever I wanted so I made one block. Yep, that's all I got done! I spent most of my time cutting scraps, but once I actually sat down to make the block it went together quickly.

Making this block made me realize that I don't do "scrappy" very well. I am far too picky about which fabrics touch to let things be truly scrappy. The blocks are fairly small at 8", so I will need to make quite a few to make a quilt!

No Progress

I'm honestly not sure when I'll get back to this Hometown quilt. Hopefully soon, but I'm not making any promises, though I think I've decided to go with the traditional layout. I also never did anything else with that Christmas-y dresden I was making into a pillow...Hopefully I still like it next year! 

Upcoming Projects   

***do.Good Stitches "Imagine" circle stars up in January
***Modern Blocks bee also starts in January
***Japanese X and + block swap...yep, starts in January
***Wyatt's quilt...I think his latest request was "yellow", though I'm thinking differently...


  1. Poor thing, with the embroidery and hand quilting! His appliqued name is super cute, though, and I think the lines above and below his name will be perfect.

    I'm the same way with not doing scrappy very well! I always want to save my big pieces in case I need them for bags in the future, and then I get lazy about sorting through my actual scrap box. :>

  2. Love the car block too - Carson will love it no matter how you quilt it!

    I have a problem with the x&+ swap - I wouldn't want to risk swapping my blocks in my scraps that I love, and getting back ones I don't like, plus you have to make a quilts worth anyway! Oh I have been sat in front of the TV for too long and getting grumpy!

  3. Hey Toni! I'm doing the Japanese block swap as well! I think it will be a lot of fun and will certainly take me out of my "collections" comfort. Scrappy is going to be a challenge!

  4. I love how you did Carson's name in those big letters - the straight line quilting sounds good! I love your little block - now to decide how many we should swap - thoughts??

  5. it's all looking good... lots to do! i'm thinking about getting into this whole bee business next year, so let me know if you have any suggestions :)

  6. Love the quillow to be, go Toni, you can get 'er done!

  7. Pretty swap block! I think Carson is going to be one happy dude. :) Looking forward to getting back to the sewing room tomorrow!

  8. The quillow is looking awesome!! The applique is cute and I love all the fun fabrics :)
    The block looks great too :)

  9. I love your WIP's! That quillow is especially fun, my little guy would love that!

  10. I've been AWOL most of December, so I just read like your last 5 posts...I LOVE how you appliqued Carson's name. It's so cute! I think parallel lines would look good. Sorry you had to "unsew" some, that's no fun. Happy Birthday to your sweet little one (he is too cute!) and glad y'all are over the plague! ;)
    And I love your Hometown quilt!

    Okay, I'm back and will try to keep up with each post so I don't have to do summary comments. :)

  11. I love what you did for Carson's name on the back of the quilt. I told a friend of mine about it and she almost opened up the baby quilt she just finished wrapping just to do that. You can guess how the next baby quilt will be backed. :)

  12. It all looks great, Toni!! I'm checking out the quillow tutorial, I think my kids would love that idea. I had one, once upon a time, that my grandma made for me, which sadly I don't think I have anymore. It's so fun though, and something a little different.

    Just back from Christmas, so trying to catch up on all the bloggy news.....take care. :)