Friday, July 5, 2013

Stars Made with Flying Geese

Levi's Star 

I thought I would write up a quick post detailing the blocks I used to make Levi's quilt. Mostly for my own benefit since my trusty little notebook is always getting scribbled on by the kids. Try not to be blown away by the professionalism. I used two block sizes, 12.5" and 6.5" unfinished which are pretty standard dimensions. 


I used the no-waste method for my flying geese. You can find several tutorials for it with a friendly Google search, but the one I used is here. These are the requirements for a scrappy star using three different prints within the block. If you wanted the star to be all one print, use the same one for B and C.

6.5” Blocks:
Fabric A: (1) 4.25” square for the flying geese
                   (4) 2” squares for the block corners
Fabric B: (4) 2 3/8” squares for the flying geese
Fabric C: (1) 3.5” square for the star center

12.5” Blocks:
Fabric A: (1) 7.25” square for the flying geese
                   (4) 3.5” squares for the block corners
Fabric B: (4) 3 7/8” squares for the flying geese
Fabric C: (1) 6.5” square for the star center


So there you go. Make sense?


  1. I'm in awe of your professionalism! Its a beautiful quilt :)

  2. I sympathize about the notebook. I might have had a mini fit when my 2yo started writing a 'grocery list' in my notebook yesterday. Love the star blocks!

  3. Yes! This is great - good for us and good for you. Love the quilt!

  4. I do this, too -- use my blog to remember how I made things. :D I used a different person's instructions but the same method when I had to make flying geese recently. Yay for no waste! :)

  5. Completely to that! The quilt is beautiful.

  6. Well, sometimes the most lovely things don't take long to explain. The real beauty in your quilt is in the colour choices you made. I am going to play with your palette one day soon I hope.

  7. Great idea! Although I get along with geese about as much as HSTs... c'est la vie!

  8. I like the star quilt. Looking forward to learning from you on Corey's bee..