Friday, June 21, 2013


Anyone else awful at remembering what day it is? I have good intentions of doing a random post on Thursdays to link up with Cindy, but it never seems to happen because I never know what day it is.
And really, that isn't such a bad thing in the summer, is it? So, here's a random post complete with random pictures that don't necessarily go with the text...

She thinks she's sneaky.
Almost walking

I have done absolutely no sewing in the last week or more and it's starting to make me twitch. My machines are ready to be picked up but I really want to get my house painted before I go get them, or it may never get done. Side note: Why do paint colors always look better in the can than on my walls?

Do you read The Fabric Shopper? I just discovered it the other day, but it is a fun little website that features upcoming fabric lines, tutorials, and other neat bits from around the web.

Grapefruit margaritas are GOOD. (So is Shiner Bock. )

Do any of you have a rice cooker? I'm considering getting one but can't decide if it is worth it. I am horrible at making rice but love eating it. I've read that they are good at making oatmeal, too, which would be convenient because I'm not good at making that, either.

I'm really into making salads lately. They are so good for a quick lunch or pre-baseball snack. I'm pretty sure I could eat this Southwest Rice and Bean Salad every day and never get tired of it. This morning I made Corn and Chickpea Fiesta Salad and am excited to go try some. What's your favorite salad recipe?

Jill's shorts 

I made Jill these shorts the other day and really want some in my size. They are the Oliver+S Puppet Show shorts and are so cute and quick to make. So far I've made three pairs and will definitely be making more. I got in a bit of a garment-sewing spree a few weeks ago and had fun making some little things for Jill. I have a hard time making myself buy her clothes when I go shopping because I see things and think that either I could make it myself, or everything I find is some hideous color/animal print.

And for the most random thing...any of my American friends self-employed and purchase your own health insurance? Have any wisdom to offer? To say that it is overwhelming is an understatement...


  1. Your little girl is so cute! Love her little dress.
    Thanks for the salad recipes. I'm going to make some of those for my lunches next week!

  2. Rice is a staple out here in Hawaii -- I was terrible at it too, but seem to have gottten pretty good -- I know a ton of people with rice cookers, but i'm not one of them, sorry!! Just keep at it, my problem is I forget that its on sometimes.. whoops hahah -- I LOVE that first picture, she is so precious, and she's getting so big so fast!!

  3. Rice cookers kick ass. My youngest is taking 6 steps at a time now. I decided to take a low paying job because health insurance is daunting so I feel your pain. I love the first photo and what is disappointing about the paint colors? I live with swatches on my walls for a few days but my color choices aren't exactly orthodox...

  4. You can always put up random pictures of your cute kids-look how big she's getting! I'm impressed because garment sewing scares me-those shorts are so cute! No help on the insurance thing, sorry, but good luck. Keep that margarita handy...

  5. Oh she is turning into a heartbreaker!!! Good luck with the painting and healthcare xxx

  6. Sweet little shorts! I don't know if a rice cooker is worth the money. I do have one and use it but it's almost as easy to make it on the stovetop. Plus either way you need to remember to turn off the heat just as it finishes cooking because even in the rice cooker the outside layer wil get crunchy if you let it sit on warm too long.

  7. I'm looking forward to the day I can experience summer again without knowing what day it is! bliss! Thanks for linking to the SW salad - it looks absolutely delicious!

  8. Stop growing baby girl! You can't walk soon. You have to sit in the corner and not move til you are at least two. Stay Mummy's baby! She is beautiful Toni xx I don't have any understanding of the American health system, just that it's not one of the best in the world? Or so the tv tells me. Unaffordable? You have to pay for every service yourself, is there no government subsidy?

  9. Love that dress and the cute shorts!! Rice cookers are awesome!

  10. shorts are so sweet...and that little cutie...less sewing though if she is able to walk soon.

  11. Aww, your daughter is adorable in the cupboard!

    I actually can't make rice on the stove because I've always had a rice cooker... so I totally recommend getting one! :D I have a Tiger rice cooker that's also a warmer. That's been great the times we forgot to put the rice away, because it kept the rice good til we remembered it!

  12. Cute baby! I am terrible at rice. I have a rice cooker but rarely use it. This is a terrible idea for summer but in the winter I make it in the oven with a Paul Prudhome recipe I found. Turns out perfect every time.

    Have you tried steel cut oats over night in the slow cooker? I am posting my recipe today. I hate oats but I like these. My kids would have ate them, too.

    Shorts are cute. I think you could convert an adult pattern to that easily enough. Good luck!

  13. I love Jill's shorts and I would definitely wear those in my size. And I thought of you Saturday night because we had friends over for mexican food and us girls drank margaritas. I wanted to make grapefruit ones but by the time we got through the regular mix we had and went to make flavored ones, we took the easy route (no knives involved was a good idea) and used strawberries I'd already sliced up... :)

  14. Cute wee 'almost walker' That margarita sounds good too...

    As for the rice cooker, alas, a friend at uni's first year flat mate when we were in halls used to cook a rice cooker full of rice for his dinner every day, and if I had the misfortune to be visiting around dinner time, I had to watch him practically stick his head in the bowl and inhale it. Yeah, just the rice, nothing else... Kind of put me off ;o)