Thursday, May 16, 2013

Random Thursday

Random tidbits from my life lately:

Pretty excited that he can spike his own hair.

We just got home from the end-of-preschool picnic for this kid. Roger was working so I had to take Max and Jill with me. Generally, our kids are very well-behaved but Max decided that today would be the day to have the most outrageous fit in the history of mankind. So all the preschool parents got to witness me dragging my two-year old back to the car while carrying my infant. Fun. Then, when Carson got in the car at pickup time, he handed me a note that he was supposed to give me a few days ago. It said "no siblings allowed at the picnic." So yeah, I'm that mom now. Hopefully the teachers will forget over the summer!

Happy Mothers Day to me! One raised garden bed coming right up! 

On Mother's Day, my guys built me a raised bed for my garden. It is still too wet here to till my real garden, so I'm hoping to get a few things planted in there in the next few days. I usually plant way more than what that 6'x12' bed will hold, but eventually I want to convert all my gardening to raised beds. 

Started this at the end of yesterday's nap. Hoping to finish it by the end of today's. 

So, I made this quilt last week. It is still sitting on my table waiting to be washed, but I may just go ahead and take some pictures of it since the to-be-washed pile is enormous and underwear takes priority over quilts.

Just finished cleaning the boys' stinky bathroom. Keep cleaning or back to work on these?

I also started on these stars a few days ago but they're going pretty slowly since the weather has finally decided to be nice. But, it is supposed to be stormy this afternoon so maybe I'll make a little progress. 

And for some random recipes we've really been enjoying around here lately...

Just made Mediterranean Orzo Salad from Iowa Girl Eats. Not sure if I can wait until dinner.
Mediterranean Orzo Salad from Iowa Girl Eats
Honey and Chipotle Vinaigrette from A Farmgirl's Dabbles
Tex-Mex Enchilada Casserole from Mel's Kitchen Cafe


  1. Oh, boy. We've all had those mom moments! I know I have!

    And washing underwear comes before washing quilts? Are you sure?

  2. Ah kids, they always know how to bring out the best in you!!

  3. Oopsie! I'm sure they'll forget...

  4. So sorry your day went like that. I never did like those "no sibling" parties. What is a mom supposed to do? Sounds like you handled it well.

  5. Oh Toni, I had to smile reading the first paragraph!! Hope you have gotten over it and I love your projects ( edible and not). BTW, I keep meaning to ask whether the barn over the road has been finished yet?

  6. oh my gosh about Carson and the note and no sibs. Isn't that just the best? ;-)
    Love the stars, anxious to see more of your garden, and going now to check out those recipe links!

  7. All kids are the same every where. Mine are usually well behaved too when we're out, but then one will have a melt down occasionally. How can a preschool get away with making conditions like that?? Really, that is ridiculous. If ours did that no parents would come either, because we haven't all got family we can leave the other kids with.

  8. Your quilt top with the white and those fabulous pink/aqua/yellow corner squares is stunningly beautiful. I love it.

  9. Poor you with the receiving that note so late! Heh!

    All the other parents at preschool totally know me as that not-together mom who needs help with the gates because I have trouble herding my kids. :D You're not alone!

  10. We've all been that parent. I used to have to drag Oren everywhere I went and I'd always ask their teachers "I can come help and bring him OR.... I can not bring him but not come help." Either way was fine with me, and they almost always said bring him. Most of the time teachers say that because some parents like to let their little ones run wild AND eat all of the food meant for the students. Your raised bed is going to be nice! The puppy keeps pooping where I was going to put mine this year, so I will rely on the kindness of neighbors for fresh veggies this year... ;)

  11. made that orzo salad this week - yum!!