Thursday, January 30, 2014

Random Thursday

How about a little randomness today?

Anyone remember this block? I made a few odd-sized quilt-as-you Log Cabin blocks last year but never really did anything with them. So yesterday I was doing a little rearranging in my sewing area and came across them again. Rather than find another place to store them, I decided it would be really easy to just turn this one into a pillow. It was an 18" block and I knew that I had a few of that sized pillow forms laying around, so I cut out a few backing pieces and got it done. Check! Now Jill has a fun pillow to brighten up the ugly brown recliner in her room.

A few nights ago I finally decided to start another cross-stitch project. I made a semi-valiant effort at the Woodland Sampler last year but only made it to April.  That one was supposed to be stitched on linen, and while I really like the look of it, my eyes do not appreciate stitching into that tiny weave. Aida cloth is much easier! When I saw that Corey was doing a sew-along for her Quilty Stitches pattern I jumped in. I'm really not sure how often she is posting each new block, but so far I'm ahead of schedule which is unusual with my stitching projects! I started stitching the sashing last night and it looks like I wasn't paying very good attention. My stitches are pretty sloppy! 

Yesterday afternoon when Wyatt came home from school he was telling me about how they were supposed to have melted down their old crayons and made new ones but ran out of time. He really wanted to do it, so I helped him peel off those dang wrappers and let him pick out a couple of my cookie cutters to use. Well, someone got a little distracted after she put them in the oven and this is what happened! I had to open the door and windows in the kitchen to let some of the hot crayon smell escape!

Source: Threading Hope
The dGS Circle that I am in sends our quilts to an organization called Threading Hope which then distributes them to families in under-developed countries. We were just informed that our 2013 quilts were taken to Costa Rica, and I was so excited to see a picture of our Gathered Geese quilt as it was given to it's recipient. I love seeing pictures of quilts in action! 


Today I have been playing with my Chicopee scraps. Not sure where this project is headed, but it has been fun to just sit and sew! I have been keeping the scraps from certain projects segregated from my other scraps for a while, but I want to use that space for something else.  So I've decided to either make something new or into the regular scraps they go!  As it stands, I need a new scrap system anyway. My bags are overflowing! Which really, isn't as dire as it sounds, since my largest bag is only a gallon-sized ziplock.

Check out other fun randomness today with Cindy at Live a Colorful Life...


  1. Great random! Fabulous cushions and love the sampler! So want to join in but way too much to do, maybe i can catch up later in the year :-)

  2. Love randomness! I, too, am doing the Stitch Along...should be fun! And I completely agree with you about stitching on linen...that train has left this station for good! Thanks for sharing the great picture of your quilt in Costa Rica. Bravo!

  3. Lovely random and I especially love the photo of your do.Good quilt in Costa Rica. That is so awesome!

  4. I love your melted crayon art! Buy yourself a new cookie sheet and hang this one on the wall.

  5. I love seeing our DGS quilts with their new families! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Oh the lady in Costa Rica looks so happy with her quilt. How rewarding! Did you manage some crayon melting that worked? Love how you've got your slippers on in the photos. I live in mine in winter too.

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